Pet Ownership And Strata: How Best To Manage

Strata managers are addressing the issue of pet ownership in strata buildings in several ways:

Bylaws and Regulations:

Strata schemes have their own set of bylaws created by the strata company, which outline the specific rules that owners and residents must follow, including those related to pet ownership[1]. These bylaws can vary between different strata schemes and can include restrictions such as banning pets, limiting the number of pets, requiring pets to be leashed in common areas, or requiring pets to be registered with the strata council[2].

Responsible Pet Ownership:

Strata managers emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership. This includes ensuring that pets do not cause any unreasonable interference or disturbance, managing noise, odors, hygiene, and any disruptive behavior. Pet owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their pets[1].

Legal Changes:

In some regions, legal changes have been made to strata laws to accommodate pet ownership. For example, in New South Wales, Australia, a recent reform removed a blanket ban on pets in strata schemes[3]. In addition, the NSW parliament is considering changes including a ban on owners from being charged fees or bonds for owning a pet[4].

Reasonable Conditions:

While blanket pet bans are no longer allowed in some places like Queensland, Australia, body corporate rules can still impose reasonable conditions on pet ownership in apartment buildings. These conditions can include leash requirements, noise restrictions, and rules about pets in common areas[6].

Dispute Resolution:

If a pet’s behavior has broken a by-law, the owners corporation can issue a notice for the owner to stop the behavior. If it is still not resolved, anybody involved in the dispute can apply to the Tribunal for an order to remove the animal[10].

Communication and Approval:

Strata managers can still require residents to apply for approval to keep an animal on their lot and set reasonable conditions in their by-laws to manage pet ownership[7].

It’s important to note that the specifics of how pet ownership is managed in strata buildings can vary greatly depending on the location and the individual strata scheme’s bylaws. Therefore, residents and potential pet owners are advised to review the bylaws of their strata scheme and consult their strata manager or strata management company for accurate information[1].



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